Seasonal adjustment disorder

Seasonal adjustment disorder is occasionally called "winter depression" as the symptoms are more obvious and have a tendency to be more intense during winter months. The symptoms frequently appear in autumn as the days become smaller. Seasonal adjustment disorder vanishes and frequently enhances in the springtime and summer, but it can return each fall and winter in a persistent pattern.

The symptoms of seasonal adjustment disorder are much like those of ordinary depression , but they happen repetitively at a certain time of year. They enhance in the springtime and generally begin in autumn or winter. The character and severity of seasonal adjustment disorder differs from individual to individual. Many people just find the state somewhat annoying, while for others it can be serious and have an important influence on their everyday life.

Symptoms of seasonal disorder may contain:

  • Lack of interest or pleasure in everyday tasks that are ordinary
  • Irritability
  • Feelings guilt and hopelessness
  • Feeling lethargic (loss of energy) and drowsy
  • Gaining weight

For many people, these symptoms can be serious and have an important impact on their life. The precise cause of seasonal disorder is not completely comprehended, but it is frequently linked to decreased exposure to sun during winter days and the briefer fall.

The primary theory is that a deficiency of sunshine might influence on correctly functioning of hypothalamus, which might affect the:

Creation of melatonin – a hormone; in higher than ordinary amounts, it may be produced by the body in people who have seasonal disorder

Creation of serotonin – a hormone that influences sleep, hunger and your mood; a deficiency of sunshine may bring about lower level of serotonin, which is connected to feelings of melancholy

Body's inner clock (circadian rhythm) – body uses sun to time different important functions, like when you awaken, so lower light levels during the wintertime may interrupt your body clock and cause the symptoms of seasonal disorder

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