Diagnostic criteria for adjustment disorder unspecified, 309.9

Define such kinds of adjustment disorder:

  • Severe. if the illness lasts under six months
  • Long-Term: if the disturbance remains for 6 months or longer.
Adjustment Disorders have codes according to the subtypes, that were chosen according to prevailing symptoms.

Adjustment disorder unspecified

Adjustment disorder is a short-term condition occurring when ill person has great difficulty fixing to, or contending with, an unique source of tension, including loss, a significant life change, or occasion.

The kind of tension that can provoke an adjustment disorder/anxiety reaction syndrome varies determined by the individual, but can contain:

  • Termination of a relations or union
  • Losing or changing occupation
  • Death of parents,or loved one person
  • Growing a serious sickness
  • Having an injury
  • Getting an important life change (marriage, baby, divorce)
  • Living through a catastrophe

Signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms
Signs and symptoms of adjustment disorder. Diagnostics.

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DSM codes

Read more about adjustment disorder codes (DSM). Table of codes here.