ICD-9 adjustment disorder

Adjustment disorder ICD-9-CM (icd9 code)ICD-9-CM codes are used by doctors to characterize illnesses, diseases, injuries, symptoms and afflictions. ICD-9-CM 309.28 is one of multiplicity of ICD-9-CM codes used in health care.

Although ICD-9-CM and CPT codes are mostly digital, they vary in that CPT codes characterize services and medical procedures.

ICD-9-CM diagnostic codes

  • 001-139 Infectious And Parasitic Diseases
  • 140-239 Neoplasms
  • 240-279 Endocrine, Nutritional And Metabolic Diseases, And Immunity Disorders
  • 280-289 Diseases Of The Blood And Blood-Forming Organs
  • 290-319 Mental Disorders
  • 320-389 Diseases Of The Nervous System And Sense Organs
  • 390-459 Diseases Of The Circulatory System
  • 460-519 Diseases Of The Respiratory System
  • 520-579 Diseases Of The Digestive System
  • 580-629 Diseases Of The Genitourinary System
  • 630-679 Complications Of Pregnancy, Childbirth, And The Puerperium
  • 680-709 Diseases Of The Skin And Subcutaneous Tissue
  • 710-739 Diseases Of The Musculoskeletal System And Connective Tissue
  • 740-759 Congenital Anomalies
  • 760-779 Certain Conditions Originating In The Perinatal Period
  • 780-799 Symptoms, Signs, And Ill-Defined Conditions
  • 800-999 Injury And Poisoning V01-V91 Supplementary Classification Of Factors Influencing Health Status And Contact With Health Services
  • E000-E999 Supplementary Classification Of External Causes Of Injury And Poisoning

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