Adjustment disorder as a cause of suicide

Adjustment disorder is a diagnosis made after large psychosocial stressor when an individual has trouble recovering. The person’s response to the incident should go behind what would be found among similar individuals experiencing the exact same stressor.

Adjustment disorder is related to suicide attempt and suicidal ideation. Yet the organization between completed suicide and adjustment disorder has not yet been analyzed. The presented researches is based on a suicidal control investigation of Denmark. Each of the suicides in Denmark from 1994 to 2006 were contained, proceeding in 9,612 instances. For instance, up to 30 controls were corresponded with on precise date of birth, sex, and calendar time, giving 199,306 managements.

  • Suicidal behaviour is spread among individuals diagnosed with adjustment disorder more than individuals without this analysis.
  • Farther, among teenagers adjustment disorder was more popular in people hospitalized for a suicide attempt than among youths without a history of suicide attempt.
  • This distinctions was found in other populations also. Among individuals hospitalized in emergency for a suicide attempt were more likely to have had an adjustment disorder (47.9%) than those who came to the psychiatric emergency room for other motives.
  • Furthermore, adjustment disorders were the most general diagnosis amongst patients under the age of 21 years .
  • When there's proof of an integration between efforts and adjustment disorders, the organization between adjustment disorders and completed suicide has not yet been analyzed. Studies of the organization between suicidal behaviour and adjustment disorder are an imperfect replacement for studies of the association with suicidal behaviour, because there are large distinctions among those who think about suicide, attempt suicide, and those who die by suicide.
  • Thus, the present study aimed to analyze adjustment disorder as a precursor of a suicide. We suppose that individuals would have a higher percentage of suicide than individuals without this analysis.

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